morgan girvin

illustrator, maker and hermit

Uncoloured and Coloured versions of ‘Little Metro’, a 2023 Personal Project


This was a quick personal illustration I did in September this year. My aim was to create a simpler image and then try and populate it with details, in this case some form of futuristic street. When doing the illustration, I had no plans or forward thinking as to how it might look, and a lot of the development was done on the fly. This was especially true of the colours, as they weren’t worked out until after I had scanned in the drawing and opened the file on my laptop.

Below you can see the (very) simple sketch I had where I proposed the composition, as well as some other images of the development process. It really was a quick illustration, and was definitely I did based more on feel than on thought, and I’m really happy with how it came out!

Initially, I opted for very flat colours. But...I just couldn’t get it to work, so ultimately I shelved the drawing for a few months. You can see below the initial rough colour plan and the ‘stopping’ point:

Anyways, I revisited it a little while later, added some glow, added some shadow, and voilà! Looks much better, and much more atmospheric, if you ask me.