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The Original 24x36” Illustration and the final Coloured Illustration


This is the illustration I did for my first release with Bottleneck Gallery, a print inspired by Blade Runner! Although they’ve since sold out, the link to them is here (for the sake of archiving and for nosy parkers).

This was such a brilliant project to work on. I’m a huge fan of the film Blade Runner (and it’s glorious sequel), so being asked to create a piece of work inspired by the film was such an honour. Initially I was going to create a piece from the view of the streets, where I could show the bustling markets and the high-rise buildings surrounding it, but I quickly realised thats pretty much the vision of every other artists who has created a Blade Runner piece. 

So instead I wanted to try and create something unique that would stand me out from the other pieces that have already been created. I opted for an aerial view, where I could show the city at night being illuminated by the countless advertisements and signs, as well as numerous Spinners and blimps flying across the skyline.