morgan girvin

illustrator, maker and hermit


This was a quick A4 piece I did to test out a new 0.35 rOtring Isograph I had. Previously I’d been working with a 0.25 but, as that broke, I was relegated to using the next smallest size I had. There was a bit of an adjustment period at first, as the lines were fatter and the details were less fine, but I quickly grew to enjoy the pen. It was interesting to find different strengths in it, where the black areas of the illustration could be deeper and more confident, and I felt I had more wiggle room to be quick and loose. The drawings I’d been doing previous to this had been growing increasingly reliant on grids, with me aiming to use ‘correct’ perspective, so it was nice to just throw all that away and scribble something out here, as well as return to the claim that wonky landscapes are part of my charm.