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Variants: Colour, Black and White, and the Original Illustration


This is the poster I illustrated for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill Volume 1’, and was also the first film poster I illustrated in general. The drawing was done in an A3 Sketchbook using 0.1 and 0.05 Fineliners before being coloured digitally in Photoshop.

Although I had been illustrating traditionally and colouring digitally for a while, it was this piece that I felt marked a turning point in style and technique. Colour has been something I’ve always struggled with, with my work usually being quite muted and cold. Of course this isn’t a bad thing if it’s a stylistic choice, but in my case it was happening because I didn’t know how to avoid it.

So when it came to colour my Kill Bill poster I made an effort to inform myself of different colour combinations, and researched into different tones and colour palettes that complimented each other, and ultimately it proved immensely valuable. When I had completed the illustration it was the most proud of anything I’d done thus far, and not only was it a success in it’s own right but it proved to be a massive stepping stone in finding my own voice as an illustrator.