morgan girvin

illustrator, maker and hermit

Uncoloured and Coloured versions of ‘New Planets’


‘New Planets’ came around from the idea of taking something I love and am familiar with (in my case ‘Doctor Who’), identifying a problem with it (dwindling viewing figures/popularity), and trying to come up with a solution to tackle this problem.

Since this was a short and fun brief, I wanted to focus on creating something light and entertaining. The idea for ‘New Planets’ spawned from the fact that ‘Doctor Who’ is a staple of British Culture, and is somewhat well-known by a lot of people. I started to explore other famous aspects of our nation, looking at what we’re familiar with and what might be a fun crossover idea. I decided upon the idea of a mockumentary series, titled ‘New Planets’, wherein David Attenborough and The Doctor would unite to explore and document different aspects of alien life and planets. Definitely had a lot of fun drawing this one!