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Uncoloured and Coloured versions of ‘No More Jockeys’


One of the weaker links in my illustration toolkit has always been people, and moreso faces, so I decided to set myself a drawing where thats solely what I would focus on. I really enjoyed spending my 2021 Friday mornings watching No More Jockeys on Youtube, so what better thing to illustrate than the trio from above the line!

Most of the people featured in the illustration were pulled from, a wonderful catalogue of all the stats and data from every game to date. When drawing the people, I loosely sketched them out at A5 size using Posca Marker pens so that I could be quite loose with the lines and try to capture raw likeness, rather than use precise linework right off the bat. I then scanned in the A5 sketches, arranged them in Photoshop, printed out this black and white scan and then lightboxed the plan in pencil.

The decision to put Tim, Alex and Mark in white tuxedos was somewhat of a last minute decision. Initially I was going to have signs infront of every person with one of their respective categories (ie. the infamous “Penelope Pitstop - No More Job Gloves”), but decided against doing this as it made the image quite busy. Instead, I needed a different way to differentiate the trio from the rest of the people, so I settled on matching outfits for the three of them.

I’m aware that some of the likeness isn’t spot-on, but hopefully some of them are recognisable for who they are. In the case they aren’t, here’s a list.


Row 1: Moses, Theresa May, Steve Jobs, Stevie Nicks,
Buzz Aldrin, Colonel Mustard, Amelia Earhart, David Hasselhoff.

Row 2: Superman, Rachel Riley, Chairman Mao,
Gary Lineker, Dawn O’Porter, Father Christmas, Medusa.

Row 3: Nancy Kerrigan, Richard Ayoade, Penelope Pitstop,
Tim Key, Alex Horne, Spock, Edwina Currie, Jack Lisowski.

Row 4: Hulk Hogan, Wilfred Johnson, Diana - Princess of Wales,
Mark Watson, Enya, Greta Thunberg, Pelé.

Row 5: The Stig, Barack Obama, Mary Poppins, Tarzan,
Carol Vorderman, Albert Einstein, Florence Nightingale, Kevin Na.

Row 6: Hugh Hefner, Angela Merkel, Nostradamus,
Margaret Thatcher, Poseidon, Queen Elizabeth II, Darth Vader.