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A2 Illustrated Map of Pendennis Point, Falmouth


At the start of our third year of University we had a one week project titled ‘100 Pounds in One Week’, where in which we had to each try and earn £100 within a week using whatever skills we had at out disposal. Given the nature of the brief, this turned out to be a pretty quick turnaround and there wasn’t too much preplanning that went into the process.

For me, I decided to draw an aerial view of Pendennis Point, the area where Falmouth Harbour meets the sea. Over the course of the week I completed the illustration, and advertised for people to enter into a raffle for a chance to win the drawing. This included spending days down at the beach whilst I was drawing as well as trying to promote the raffle across social media. I ended up raising £89, which just fell short of the £100 goal but was something I was happy with regardless, given the daunting nature of the task when first assigned it.