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This laptop stand has been something that has been incredibly useful and has seen daily use since I made it. It’s makes my posture better when I’m using my laptop, since I’m sat slightly more upright when I use it, although admittedly I could still be sitting straighter. Perhaps a Mark II is in order. Either way, on the odd occasion that I return to typing and browsing on a flat surface it’s always a surprise just how hunched I used to be, and now this is an unequivocally better situation.

This project was, apart from a shelfing unit thing, my first foray into making something on my own out of wood. Making something that felt ‘proper’. I’d made my own paper pencil cases in secondary school before, something I’d recently forgotten about until reminded by a friend, but now I was entering the big leagues. More realistically it was probably the middle leagues, since I was only dealing with Pine Wood, but either way I was really impressed with how this turned out. Took a little bit of planning to get it how I wanted, it took even longer due to me cutting the ends of the wood into curves with a hand saw, but I got there in the end.