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(Below): Examples of the Misalignments



These are my A2 (16.5 x 23.5”) hand printed screen-prints for Quentin Tarantino’s debut film ‘Reservoir Dogs’! The Colour Variant is a 6 Colour Print and is a limited run of 50, all signed and numbered. The Black/White Variant is just signed.

Now, you might be thinking “Huh, £20...that’s really cheap!” and you’d be right! Since the prints were hand-done by me, they aren’t the BEST quality. There’s some slight misalignments in the layers, in some places the ink is a little honky and there’s a thin line down the centre of all the prints. But hey, what’s the point of having a screen print if you can’t tell it’s a screen print, right?

Want to read more about this project? Click here!

The Print will be posted to you inside a Postage Tube to keep it safe. Postage within the UK is free, whereas within Europe it’s £10 and International is £15.

You might recieve import/customs fees when ordering something. I’m currently trying to work on getting this sorted up front but as it is it the fee will probably be from your local Post Office. Sorry!