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This was a really fun project I came up with and created over the course of a weekend. I’d long wanted to make something for the Cornetto Trilogy but couldn’t come up with a connective tissue for the films that hadn’t already been tackled. Then one night it hit me whilst I was falling asleep: put the Blu-Rays inside a box of Cornetto’s! I wasn’t even thinking about the trilogy so I’m not sure where the idea came from, but in hindsight it seems like a really obvious idea. I’m sure someone else must have had the same idea at some point, but I didn’t do any research so I could keep my own idea fresh in my brain.

It was really fun trying to find the balance between creating a boxset and solely recreating a boxset. I did initially consider making it out of a cereal box so that it handled like a box of Cornetto’s would, but unfortunately my brain doesn’t work like that and I enjoy over-engineering greyboard boxes too much to let this slide (the same reason why I built in dividers for the 3 films and didn’t just let the 3 of them slot into 1 hole - I clearly like designing and making things to be over the top).

The design of the cover and spine were really closely modelled on a regular box of Cornettos (Which I’ll share a picture of below for reference).

The back of the box however was a bit more difficult since I couldn’t really find an image of the back of a Cornetto box on Google, and I was too in the groove and too much of a cheapskate to venture to the shops to purchase my own box. So I had to do a bit more improv.

After getting feedback from friends, I decided to increase the film information on the box, so that it wasn’t solely a Cornetto box. This included putting imagery within the Ice Cream Cones on the back and including the titles on the cones themselves. I also ‘ummed and ahhed’ about including the nutritional information on the back of the box, since part of me felt it ruined the nice aesthetic I had going, but the other part of me felt like that was the point. Shop products aren’t always aesthetic, and they all have to contain big walls of text on at least some part of their product, so I decided to keep it in (even though I did rework it to be more aesthetic than it probably would be on a shop shelf).

I had a lot of fun designing this and subsequently putting it together. Something about over-engineered and complicated boxsets just please me (as documented with my Wes Anderson Collection), so I’m sure you’ll see more of them in the future!