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Uncoloured and Coloured versions of ‘Fitznebula Parkway’, a 2023 Personal Project


 This was a personal project I did at the start of 2023. Mainly I just wanted to do a big drawing for myself again, from my own imagination, and so that’s what I did. Initially the illustration started out as one of my Instagram Content drawings, but I quickly realised that a mere 14x14cm sheet of paper wouldn’t be big enough to contain all the details I wanted.

I had a lot of fun coming up with the design of the world in Fitznebula Parkway. The train stems from a somewhat Steampunk influence, whilst the cars and their dome-shaped windows were heavily inspired by Pulp Sci-Fi comics of yesteryear. A nice mix and math I think!

I also didn’t have too much development work for this one, it was just a case of draw and go. The only changes I made were in the colour palette stage, but even still I was pretty close to what I wanted right from the off. You can see the initial 2 variations below.