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My drawings are often made up of lots of different objects: bricks, people, cars etc. And I  tend to get stumped when I have to move on from one object and draw the next one. And when I get stumped, I have a tendency to faff around. I love drawing, but figuring out how to draw? Less so.

But recently I’m trying to combat this, the faffing malarkey is frustrating. I need to work smarter, so to try and combat this I set aside some 14x14cm paper squares in the corner of my desk. New Rule: whenever I get stumped and I start to faff, chip away at a small inconsequential drawing. If I’m going to procrastinate I might as well do it productively. This is also convenient because it means I can get more work posted to Instagram, and thus satisfy Mr Zuckerberg’s mysterious algorithm. All hail our social media conglomerates!