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When I’m doing a drawing, I tend to get stumped when it comes time to start a new object within the frame. And when I get stumped, I start to faff around. Finished drawing that car and have to move onto the passengers? Faff. Finished drawing the bricks of the building and now have to draw the gargoyles? Faff. Finished drawing the tree and now have to draw the surrounding landscape? FAFF.

And since my work has been getting bigger and more complicated recently, there’s been a lot more faffing and a lot less drawing. So to try combat this I cut out a bunch of 14x14cm paper squares and put them in the corner of my desk. New Rule: whenever I get stumped and I feel like faffing, work away on a small inconsequential drawing. If I’m going to procrastinate I might as well do it productively. This is also convenient because it means I can get more work posted to Instagram, and I can satisfy Mr Zuckerberg’s mysterious algorithm and can do some imaginary social media goal scoring. All hail social media prison!